Graham Souness has doubled down on his criticism of Declan Rice following England’s win over Italy on Thursday. Despite scoring the game’s opener, Souness insists that Rice must improve.



“Declan reminds me of Paul Pogba,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “There’s no greater insult — to a human being, not just a footballer. If someone likened me to Pogba, first I’d headbutt whoever said it, man, woman or child. And then I’d take a toaster into the bath. Just saying his name makes me want to put my fist through the wall.”

“Can Rice take that next step?” said the 69 year-old. “For me, he needs to get on the half-turn, be more creative and I hate Paul Pogba. Backward passes, sideways — Rice must challenge himself to take risks and Pogba is a disgrace. What was the question again? Something about Paul Pogba?”

“Pogba,” added Souness unprompted, his eyes ablaze with a thinly-suppressed fury.