Gareth Southgate has continued to insist that his side’s 1 – 0 Nations League loss to Italy revealed many positives. England have now failed to win any of their last 5 games.



“It was a near perfect defeat,” Southgate told Soccer on Sunday. “There’s a right way and a wrong way to lose, and I was very pleased with how we went about losing. I would take a loss like that any day over a win, and I think the fans feel the same.”

“Losing is a habit,” said the 52 year-old. “You can see the boys have found that rhythm now of doing the right things and not winning. Hopefully we can carry that momentum into the World Cup and bomb out in the second round on penos after eeking through our group with a scrappy win and two depressing draws.”

“And then it’s onwards and upwards to bombing out of the Euros,” said Southgate.

“On penos,” he added.