Southgate on Keane Calling Walker an Idiot: “He’s Spot On”

Keane and Southgate

Gareth Southgate has refused to contradict Roy Keane’s description of Kyle Walker as an ‘idiot’ during a Sky Sports broadcast on Sunday. Southgate denies that he is ‘sucking up’ to the volatile Irishman.


Southgate“Roy’s spot on,” the England boss told Soccer on Sunday. “If he says Walker is an idiot, then he’s an idiot. Does Keane frighten me? I dare say he does. We once had a minor disagreement over a half-eaten sandwich in the ITV canteen, and he threw me down a flight of stairs.”

“When I woke up six hours later and staggered out to my car, all four tyres had been slashed,” said Southgate. “Roy’s sandwich eventually turned up — he’d left it in a different fridge. He didn’t apologise, and I respect that. Some things don’t need to be said.”

“As I say, I’m terrified of the cunt,” added Southgate.