Southgate and Moyes

Gareth Southgate has slammed David Moyes’ decision to bring on Mark Noble cold for a last minute penalty kick. Southgate was heavily criticised for employing the same tactic during England’s Euros final loss.



“Earth to David,” Southgate told Soccer on Sunday. “Did you not see the Euros, you fucking clown? I tried that shit with Sancho and Rashford. Newsflash — it doesn’t work, you Scotch clown. Give me strength.”

“I apologise for my language,” said the 51 year-old. “But can you believe this shit? Was David in a coma during July, or hitting the crack pipe a little too hard? The question of whether you should bring on a sub cold to take a penalty has been answered. You fucking shouldn’t.”

“Clown,” added Southgate.