Steven Gerrard has resigned as manager of Rangers following the club’s surprise exit from the Scottish Cup last weekend. Combined with a disappointing league campaign, Gerrard had stated that he would consider his future.


Gerrard Interview“It’s time to go,” the former Liverpool midfielder told Soccer on Sunday. “Nobody should stay long in a place like Scotland, and I’m no different. It’s a rocky, desolate place, full of sadness. As I say, it’ll be nice to get south and live among people again.”

“I’ll need time to readjust,” added Gerrard. “Electricity, running water, indoor toilets — I remember those things, but it’s been so long. The language is coming back to me. They can speak english in Scotland, but mostly they point at things they want to eat or have sex with and growl.”

“Only Celtic,” he replied, when asked if he’ll manage in Scotland again. “It would be difficult to say ‘no’ if they came calling.”