Stormzy Mistaken for Second Footballer in 24 Hours

Stormzy and Savage

Ireland’s Evening Herald has apologised for a second time having again published a picture of British Hip-hop artist Stormzy in place of a footballer.

The popular tabloid originally mistook Stormzy for Old Trafford-bound Romelu Lukaku, and appear to have repeated the mistake in a profile piece on former Blackburn player Robbie Savage.


Stormzy interview

“What the fuck is going on?” the MOBO award-winning artist told Soccer on Sunday. “Robbie Savage? Geezer looks like a reject from an ABBA tribute band. I mean, seriously? Who will they mistake me for tomorrow? Britney Spears? It’s not right, man. It’s humiliating.”

“I searched their site and found an article about me from last year,” added Stormzy. “There’s two pictures of me. One is Woody Allen, and the other is Celine Dion. Are these Herald shitebags mainlining crack or something?”


Stormzy interview
Stephen Rae

The Herald have pledged to review the pattern of mistakes.

“We apologise again to Mr Stormzy,” editor Stephen Rae told Soccer on Sunday. “I want to assure him that we do not consider this a stormzy in a teacup. And we managed to remove his picture from tomorrow’s profile of Peter Crouch before going to print. I think that shows that we are starting to get on top of this problem, but it will take time.”