Medical experts have confirmed that slinkies exist were several of Daniel Sturridge’s tendons should be. It is unclear how the popular children’s toys found their way into Sturridge’s body, or whether the anomaly might be the cause of the Liverpool striker’s recent injury woes


Leicester to Start Games a Goal Down?

VardyLeicester City have applied to the FA for permission to begin every game a goal down. “It’ll save time and energy,” said manager Claudio Ranieri. “Everybody knows we will concede one, get angry like the ‘The Hulk’, and then score two back. So let’s stop pretending and just start halfway”


Owen to go over Niagara Falls

OwenMichael Owen is to travel over Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel next month, in the latest stunt from the footballer-turned-daredevil. “Why not?” said Owen when asked for the rationale behind this latest escapade. “Life’s for the living,” added Owen, who was almost killed last year during an attempt to catch an arrow shot from a crossbow between his teeth