“Too Many Shit Players in Key Positions,” Admits De Gea

De Gea

David de Gea has pinpointed a lack of quality as the underlying cause of Manchester UTD’s poor form this season. UTD currently sit 9th in the Premier League, closer to the bottom 3 than the top 4.


De Gea“It’s difficult,” the Spaniard told Soccer on Sunday. “The lads are giving everything, but a lot of them are shit. So you’ve not got that platform for success.”

“You can maybe carry one or two shit players,” said de Gea. “But when you look around and see shit all over the pitch, it can be demoralising for me and the other two non-shit players.”

“We’re 100% behind the gaffer,” said the Spanish international. “Obviously he’s shit too, but it’s only by sticking together that we can turn this around. Even though realistically we can’t turn it around anyway, because of the shit players.”

“And the shit gaffer,” he added. “Who we’re behind.”