War of Words Between Klopp and 10 Year-old Escalates

Klopp and Fan

The war of words between Jürgen Klopp and 10 year-old Manchester UTD fan Denis Murphy continued to escalate overnight. What began as an exchange of friendly letters quickly turned ugly, with Klopp this morning threatening to have Murphy’s entire family killed.


Klopp“That little shit started this,” Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “I don’t care if he’s 10 or 100 years old, nobody calls me Jürgen Künt. If it’s violence he wants, believe me, it’s violence he’ll get.”

“I’ll do his whole family,” said the German. “Why not? He threatened to kill mine, and do terrible things to their corpses. That’s not cool. I’ve never heard such filth from a 10 year-old, to be honest.”

“Priority one, the league,” added Klopp. “But then I’m on the first plane to Donegal, and we’ll see who is the Bertie Big Bollox, as you english say.”