Hennessey nazi

Wayne Hennessey has apologised after being photographed wearing a Hitler outfit during Crystal Palace’s training session in London this morning. The gaff comes only days after the under-fire goalkeeper denied making a Nazi salute during a team dinner.


Roy Hodgson“Wayne’s a good lad,” Roy Hodgson told Soccer on Sunday. “A bit of a Nazi, but each to their own. If I was to go chucking out all the Nazis I’d be left with half a squad. And Wayne needs that Nazi edge to his game. Take the Nazi out of Wayne and what’s left?”

“Should I ban Hitler costumes at training?” added the former England manager. “Wilfried Zaha likes to train stark, bollock naked. Should I tell Wilfy to put his bits’n’bobs away? Where does it end? Is it worse to be a clothes Nazi than an actual Nazi like Wayne? That’s not for me to say.”


Wayne HennessyHennessy insists that he didn’t mean to cause any offence.

“I can only apologise,” the Welshman told Soccer on Sunday. “I forgot to put a wash on yesterday and my Hitler outfit was the only clean thing in the wardrobe. I know the Nazi thing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so I’ll do my Nazi-ing behind closed doors from now on.”

“Heil Hitler,” added Hennessy. “Only joking. Maybe don’t print that.”