What Mourinho said to Pogba During Bust-up

Mourinho argument with Paul Pogba

Below is a transcript of the heated argument between Paul Pogba and José Mourinho during UTD’s 2 – 0 loss to Spurs on Wednesday, as recorded by Sky Sports’ touchline mic. 

JM: Paul! Paul!

PG: Yes?

JM: What are you doing?Mourinho and Pogba

PG: What do you mean?

JM: You’re charging about like an ostrich on crystal meth. How about giving Matić a hand with some defending, you lazy cunt?

PG: I hate defending. It’s boring.

JM: Do as you’re told you lanky shitebag, or so help me, I’ll bring on Big Fel. He might be a shit you, but at least he does what he’s told.

PG: Do what you want you square-headed little bus-parking midget. If you need me, I’ll be out there strolling about, trying to do deadly off-the-cuff shit.

Mourinho and PogbaJM: Get back here you little pox bottle.

PG:  No, fuck off. Leave me alone.

JM: Fellaini, get warmed up.

MF: But boss I told you, I’m injured.

JM: Don’t talk back, you lummox. I get enough of that from Paul. Just get out there and Hulk Smash those Spurs fuckheads.

(7 minutes later)

MF: I told you I was injured.

JM: My bad.