“You Kraut Shit”: Full Text Of Klopp/Keane Squabble

Keane and Klopp

As transcribed by Sky Sports.

Keane: “Liverpool were sloppy against Leeds, and they were sloppy tonight at times too.”

KeaneDavid Jones: “Well we have Jürgen Klopp with us now. Jürgen, what most impressed you about your team tonight?”

Klopp: “Shut up there for a second Dave. Did Mr Keane call us sloppy? I don’t know what game that künt was watching.”

Keane: “Can you hear me?”

Klopp: “Yes.”

Keane: “Who you calling a künt, you cunt?”

Klopp: “We were perfect tonight, and you call that sloppy?”

Keane: “I gave you plenty of praise too. You need to pull your lederhosen out of your ears, you kraut shit.”

David Jones: “Ok gentlemen, we’ll leave it there.”

Klopp: (muffled) “Pair of künts.”

David Jones: “What did I do?”

(Commercial break)